head shot Genre:its got some football in it, so I guess its a sports movie.
Director:Sumiyoshi Furakawa
Written:Yasushi Hirano
Music:Michael Kennedy
Distributers:Streamline Pictures
Short Synopsis: The plot of this anime is extreemly mind-numbing,so i'll just take up the rest of this space with some random huming; hmm hmmh hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm mhm h mhmm mmh mmh hmm hmmh mhm mm hmm.



Member#7864654: "Everything you can possibly think of about this anime is bad... except the comedy!!!"

Member#8965498: "It's good when you watch it in fast foward, trust me!"

Member#6500341: "I'd rather spend 2 hours flushing the toilet then watch this one again."

Member#1264063: "Ugghhhh......"