ARMIpic Genre:Scifi action team-up
Director&Creator:Hitoyuki Ochi
Written:Chiaki Konaka
Music:Hiroyuki Namba
Short Synopsis: St. Lowel City, Mars 2046; Wracked with grief and anger over the murder of his wife by a robot renegade, Chicago detective Ross Sylibus figured the less he had to do with robots, the better. That was before the transfer to Mars,before someone dumped the corpse of a murdered country singer (actually the last in the galaxy) on him. It turned out to a new kind of robot no one had ever seen before or knew about. "Thirds" are strong, sophisticated and a problem. Because they come with two things most don't want in a slave or a sex toy,a heart and a brain.Now they're showing up dead at the hands of a lunatic. Mars is ready to implode with Ross at ground zero. Enter Ross's new, young and high-strung partner,Armitage, a nightmare and a dream all wrapped up in a leather halter, with a face of a child, the body of a playmate and a secret that could get her killed.Only two men know.One is Ross. The other is a killer. But this doll is no toy.Armitage is both hunted and hunter.



Member#3555555: "It could have been good...but instead, it was bad. They recycled the plot like, three times or something."

Member#7203341: "It had potential for potential. It had no beginning and no end, it just was...bad."

Member#1265063: "Yeah, it was pretty boring, and it kinda pissed me off, because it was pretending to be good, but it was really being tricky and REALLY being awful and..."