rallyw/gun Genre:super action team-up with lots of guns and bombs
Creator:Kenichi Sonoda
Director:Takeshi Mori
Music: Kenichi Sonoda & Brian Risner
Distributers:A.D.V. Films
Short Synopsis:Chicago's most lethal and highly destructive ladies, the pistol packing Rally Vincent and her partner the bomb loving Minnie-May Hopkins, are forced to infiltrate a gunrunning operation only to be double-crossed and left behind with no choice but to blow the oppostion away!




Member#7852144: "Animation, sound fx, and Rally and Minne May were excellent, but the rest of the characters, the plot, and action were horrible."

Member#1231313: "Cool jazz and hot chicks. What a combination!"

Member#9876543: "Pales in comparison to the manga."

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