robotpic Genre:Ternimator rip off
Director:Masamune Shirow&Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Music:Kenyo Katsyanagi
Distributers:Manga Video
Short Synopsis: When Sybel, a freelance video jounalist, becomes mistakenly stumbles apon a dangerous military fiasco, she become involved in the attempt to save the life of a young girl from the clutches of a military robot gome "haywire!"




Member#876e443: "PACO RULES!!!!!!"

Member#9766343: "Terminator rip off."

Member#4447870: "I kept on feeling pity for the director because i was so supposed to be scared but i wasnt scared, but they did manage to get PACO to work."

Member#0000543: "The entire thing was worth seeing for the international police and PACO is the man and he rules!"