Each anime is reviewed with a special scientific rating system that's guaranteed to be right.(This guarantee is not valid in the lower seven continents.)

Here's a brief description of each category of our rating system:
Action-based on how much and the quality.
Plot-based on how good or bad the plot was.
Music&SoundFX-based on backgroud music and sound effects.
Dialogue-based on wether the dialogue was good,boring or
just plain old stupid.
Characters-based on whether the charaters were cool or not.
Unintended Humor-this catagory is decided when something
that's not supposed to be funny, but is, or when a joke that is so
extremely unfunny that it achieves a new level of hysteria.
Overall-based on the overall quality of the anime. This is score is not an average of the other scores.
Each category is given a rating between 0 and 10, 0 being vile and 10 being excellent. As you can probably see, everything is pretty much self-explanatory.

8man After



BM M-66






Ninja Scroll

Wicked City